About Golden Fur: Members

james rushford

James Rushford is a young Melbourne-based composer/performer, interested in a diverse range of contemporary music. Alongside concert music, a focus lies in inter-media, installation and recorded mediums. Earlier this year, James was the recipient of the Eric & Margot Cooper Travel Scholarship and the Dowd Foundation Award, enabling him to tour overseas and work with musicians including Robert Ashley, Phill Niblock, Marcus Schmickler, Fred Frith and Michael Pisaro. James has had music commissioned by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, ELISION (UK), Ear Massage (Netherlands), Speak! Percussion, Decibel, the Song Company, the Melbourne International Arts Festival (2006), and the 21:100:100 project (a collaboration with Oren Ambarchi and Marco Fusinato). A multi-instrumentalist, James performs mostly with piano, viola and electronics, and has studied with teachers such as Anthony Pateras, Brett Dean, Kate Neal and Donna Coleman. His regular ensembles include the avant-classical/improv trio Golden Fur, Ned Collette & Wirewalker, and the Francis Plagne Band. His debut solo record, Vellus, was released on Cajid Media in 2008, and his collaborative album with Joe Talia, Palisades, was released on Sabbatical Records in 2009. James is 24 years old.

judith hamann

Judith Hamann is a Melbourne-based musician whose main instrument is violoncello. Her performance practice stretches across various genres encompassing elements of improvised, art, experimental and popular music. Judith performs with both acoustic cello and semi-acoustic cello and explores the timbral and sonic possibilities of the instrument through preparations, alterations and alternative methods of physical engagement with the instrument.

Judith has performed as both a soloist and a chamber musician for the Melbourne International Arts Festival (2005, 2006, 2007), the Melba Festival (2008), the Port Fairy Spring Festival (2009), Team of Pianists and Chamber Music Australia. She has performed Australian premieres by Sofia Gudbaidulina, Jaap Blonk, Shostakovich/Fleischman and Klaus Lang, as well as commissioning and performing world premieres by Marco Fusinato, Anthony Pateras and Kate Neal (with Golden Fur) as well as works by James Rushford and Alexander Garsden. Judith has been the recipient of the Peers Coetmore Scholarship for Cellists (2004) The Kate Flowers Scholarship (2006), the Gwen Nisbet Prize (2006), the Marion Isobel Thomas Scholarship (2008), and an Australian Postgraduate Award (2008) to complete a Master of Music Performance at the Victorian College of the Arts. She is currently studying cello with Christian Wojotowicz and Zoe Knighton, and chamber music with Dr Donna Coleman. Judith is also a member the Golden Fur avant/improv/new music trio, Trio di Belladonna (with Dr. Donna Coleman and Monica Curro), Francis Plagne band, indie popsters the Tequila Mockingbirds, noise grunge trio The Lands, Georgia Fields trio and also performs solo as Paper Tiger.

samuel dunscombe

Samuel Dunscombe‘s artistic practise explores the tension between western traditions of new music, sound art, and electronic music performance. He uses clarinets and the graphic programming environment MaxMSP, as well as abstracted real world sounds (field recordings).

Samuel’s work is highly exploratory in nature, not only in sonic, but also in conceptual content. Real-world, real-instrument, and electronically generated sounds twist and morph into each other, creating an unstable sonic terrain, which attempts to challenge traditional boundaries between ‘music’, the real world, and the electronic interference that has become so ubiquitous in the modern age (noise).

He has premiered works by Anthony Pateras, Kate Neal, Klaus Lang, Jani Christou, Cat Hope, Jaap Blonk, David Shea, Olga Neuwirth, and countless others, as well as collaborated with artists such as Anthony Pateras, Sean Baxter, Thembi Soddell, Natasha Anderson, Erkki Veltheim, Scott Tinkler, and Deb Kayser to name a few.

He has toured Australia five times, performing multiple times at the Melbourne and Adelaide International Arts Festivals, the Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Hobart, and Brisbane Cabaret Festivals, the Melbourne and Adelaide Fringe Festivals, and toured Europe twice.

Samuel is 24 years old.


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